Master of Arts

MA | Master of Arts

Program Duration : Minimum 2 years & Maximum 5 years
Eligibility : Graduation or equivalent


Right after completing graduate degree from a college, we either choose a professional course or go higher studies. Choosing higher studies offers in-depth knowledge, and cultivates a professional attitude. The MA degree  is the best course to learn different disciplines of arts and enhance knowledge.
MA programs opted by students include MA in Economics, MA in Political Science, MA in History, MA in English, etc. The duration of MA course is generally 2 academics years.

Courses after MA:

Doing Master of Arts (MA) is helpful for candidates to boost their career graph and improve skills such as decision making, problem solving, and others. It is the perfect option to learn theories and methods. Once you complete ma courses, you can move to research. You may opt for courses like:

*Hotel management

Fees for MA College in India:

This is a two years degree program. The average MA courses fee is between INR 40,000 to 80,000 per year.

Job Opportunities after MA:

Career opportunities for a postgraduate person are a major concern. The scope of MA education in India relies on the specialization and demand. After completing the course, you will have several job opportunities in different fields.

Let’s check the career opportunities after MA:

*Secondary School Teacher
*Program Manager
*Program Coordinator
*Administrative Manager
*Research Scientist
*Administrative Officer
*Content writer
*Copy editor
*Executive assistant
*Training manager
*Public relation manager
*Academic advisor
*Post graduate professor
*School counselor
*Assistant editor
*Learning and Development Consultant

The average salary of a MA graduate ranges from INR 4 to 5 lakhs annually.