Online/Distance M.Com Course: Your Complete Guide to Courses, Eligibility, Admissions, Fees, Salary Trends and Opportunities

M.Com. | Master in Commerce

Program Duration : Minimum 2 Years & Maximum 5 Years
Eligibility : Graduation With Commerce

What is Distance M.Com?

Most B.Com. applicants take the M.Com post graduate programme to advance their careers. However, they must enroll in the PG programme to receive a higher pay scale. Master of Business is a 2-year postgraduate degree programme offered at business institutes all across India. Graduates looking to stand out pick the M.Com. programme at reputable universities. 

They acquire additional knowledge and qualifications needed to work in the banking and finance industry. Since there are no full-time classes, students can choose online classes. M. Com distance education programme is a two-year postgraduate degree programme that gives you the freedom to work and pursue higher education at the same time. Many popular and trusted universities offer distance along with various UG, PG,  Diplomas and Certificate courses in India

Why Choosing an M.Com after Graduation or

Working for a reputable accounting business can also help with career achievement and overall professional growth. One of the key benefits of earning an M.Com is getting to work with prestigious companies. These graduates stand a better probability of being chosen by these companies. Candidates with strong accounting backgrounds and familiarity with international accounting standards are needed by these multinational organizations.

  1. Opportunity to work in big audit firms

  2. Ready for both jobs and entrepreneurship

  3. Opportunity to work in both the public and the private sector

  4. Huge employment scope after M.Com in India

  5. Gives the upper hand in CA and related exams

For Whom Online M.Com is Beneficial?

Students can gain in-depth knowledge in a range of sectors, including banking, accounts and finance, international business, marketing information systems, etc., by pursuing an online degree. For candidates who want to start a career in the financial industry and administrative jobs, an is the finest choice. syllabus is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of Accounts and finance. 

Many people still reside in rural areas and earn less than the average wage. The cost of the online in India is lower than that of the traditional degree, making it more widely available. Because there is no requirement that they attend classes regularly at a specific location or time, a distance may be advantageous for working professionals and students with geographic restrictions. Students are eligible to attempt for examination two times a year as per their availability. 

Top Universities For Online Distance Learning M.Com Fees, Admissions 2023 and Eligibility

Edutantra, one of the leading distance learning institutes, offers diplomas, advanced diplomas, and postgraduate degrees in addition to Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Edutantra works to provide students with the best education possible through video lectures by enlisting the aid of academics from public and private top colleges and universities as well as business executives.

The main responsibilities of Edutantra include encouraging a professional culture among our service providers and exchanging knowledge and information to use technology to build learning communities. Edutantra's mission is to act as that crucial link, enabling students to get the excellent education they want.

Students can enroll in the Online M.Com programme by following a simple Admission process to accelerate a successful corporate journey. 

Top 10 Universities for Distance Learning M.Com in India

There are many distance learning colleges in India but we have shortlisted some of the best correspondence colleges below:

University/College Name

 Average Fees (INR)

Eligibility Criteria

Mcom Admission 2023

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

16,000 Graduate or Equivalent


LPUDE Jalandhar

20,000 Graduate or Equivalent


Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Meerut

12,000 Graduate or Equivalent


Chandigarh University

20,400 Graduate or Equivalent


Netaji Subhas Open University Kolkata

15,200 Graduate or Equivalent


Shri Venkateshwara University Tirupati

15,500 Graduate or Equivalent


Annamalai University Distance Education

5,650 Graduate or Equivalent


Tamil Nadu Open University

5,000 Graduate or Equivalent


IGNOU New Delhi

11,000 Graduate or Equivalent

Online and Offline

Manipal Online

50,000 Graduate or Equivalent


Note – admission last date can be checked through the respective official site of colleges to enroll in 2023 sessions. applies online options that are easily available for students.

How to Choose Which Online M.Com Course is Best After Graduation?

Your online distance programme must be acknowledged and certified by organizations in your area, around the world, and at the national level. Only recognized universities in India with the UGC's approval are allowed to provide online programmes.

  • Shortlist them frequently until you find the best candidate by using the aforementioned guidelines. Before choosing a career path, think about your prospects.

  • Sincerely acknowledge your passions and go-to topics. The theory goes that if we choose a career that we enjoy, it will grow into a passion and pave the way for a better future.

  • Consider the market demands for persons with a certain distance degree as well as the employment possibilities for the chosen courses.

  • Make a list of all the courses and institutions you're thinking about, together with information on their amenities, fees, locations, and other features.

  • Consider the programme for online learning's growth and revenue.

Nobody can give a perfect response to these questions because everyone has different goals and passions, and a profession should reflect those.

Is it worth doing an M.Com from Distance Learning? 

While earning an online Master's degree, you can advance your profession. One of the main factors influencing people's decision to enroll in an online Master's study is career progression. They wish to continue working while using their free time to learn new skills or the most recent procedures and approaches in their industry.

Online/distance learning degrees are equally valid and recognized around the world, according to Indian law. Until, unless the distance degree is awarded by a university or college that has received government approval. Apart from online; BBA,, and MBA are the most preferred courses among the students. 


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional postgraduate programme that equips students for leadership roles in important business sectors. One of the most popular course options across a range of industries is the MBA. The course imparts a thorough understanding of finance, accounting, and other related topics while also teaching students the fundamentals of management, marketing management, sales, etc.

A postgraduate degree in commerce called the Master of Commerce (M.Com) entails a thorough study of topics including accounting, finance, and computer programmes, among others. Although management-related topics are covered in the MCom course, the emphasis is on improving a student's theoretical knowledge. An online M Com course improves a student's academic standing and aids in preparing them for a job in the foundational fields of commerce and business applications.

Top In-demand Specialization M.Com Courses in India and World

The distance learning classes give current or aspiring business owners knowledge of several management principles that will help them run and manage their companies more successfully.

Working professionals can study and apply management concepts to their specific job duties with the aid of remote education packages. assisting a student in achieving both personal and professional goals.

Job Profile

Course Name/ Mcom Subjects

Average Salary 

Financial Analyst

Online Mcom finance

Up to INR 6.65 Lakhs per annum

Investment Banker

Online Mcom in Banking & Finance

Up to INR 9 lakhs

Account Manager

Online in International Accounting

Up to INR 7 lakhs

Project Coordinator

Online in Economics

Up to INR 4-8 lakhs

Tax Consultant

Online in Taxation

Up to INR 9.5 lakhs per annum

E-Commerce Manager

Online in E-commerce

Up to INR 5 lakhs per annum

Operations Manager  

Online in Statics

Up to INR 6 lakhs per annum

Business Consultant

Online Mcom in Business Management

Up to INR 4-8 lakhs per annum

What are the Job Opportunities for Online M.Com Students?

M.Com. jobs are in high demand throughout India, particularly in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. The greatest salaries for grads are available in these cities. These cities are home to some of the best businesses. A candidate may find employment in several significant industries, including banking and insurance, auditing firms, tax consulting firms, and accounting firms. 

The subjects are designed to enhance management and administrative skills. graduates in India can find vast career options and diversified work cultures through Online admission 2023 in India. 

What is the Salary Trend for M.Com Pursuers?

The average pay after earning an is approximately INR 3.91 LPA, according to PayScale. However, many variables, including years of experience, location, skills, specializations, etc., affect an M.Com graduate's pay. While the highest salary is INR 25 LPA, a candidate with 4 to 9 years of experience can anticipate earning INR 6.72 LPA. Top employers include HDFC, KPMG, Amazon, State Bank of India, Ernst & Young, and others.

Significance of Online M.Com in Jobs

You can increase your recognition and establish yourself as a useful employee by enrolling in one of the best online programmes provided in India. Enrolling in online courses can help top managers and corporate executives advance cutting-edge innovations and foster collective intelligence. Let's examine some of the primary advantages of online programmes.

  • You can become a banker or a CPA

  • Networking opportunities and higher-level positions are available

  • Best Salary in the Market 

  • Online Can Advance Your Profile in Terms of Promotion

Which are the Top Hiring Firms For M.Com

The distance learning universities will give you job placement opportunities in addition to education. Connect with your universities as soon as possible. As a Master's degree, the gives you a specialization in the relevant field of study.

Some of the giant companies:

  • Yes Bank

  • Reliance Industries Limited

  • Nestle

  • Snapdeal

  • SBI

  • Indian Railway

  • TATA

  • Cadbury

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Can we do in 1 year?

Yes, if you are a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, or Cost Accountant, IGNOU offers an MCOM course in which students must pass 5 Part 1 exams to receive credit for the remaining exams.

Alternatively, based on Indian graduation, you can study in Australia, Europe, or the USA, and in some nations, master's degrees are available in just one year. Some colleges accept Indian three-year bachelor's degrees.

Is better than MBA?

The common employment area for MBA and MCom graduates is fairly sizable. However, MCom graduates are better prepared to find employment in the fields of core finance and accounting, whereas MBA graduates are preferred for managerial positions in corporations.

Is placement required by distance universities?

Yes, it is possible to find employment with a degree earned through remote learning, and the majority of universities that provide this option have placement offices that actively seek out job fairs from reputable companies for their distance learning students.

Does M.Com have any value?

Students who want to work in business gain from focusing on studies in commerce. The prospects open to those with an M.Com degree are expanding. M.Com. holders have many employment options in the following fields: Colleges and universities.

What is the Average Salary for an graduate?

The average pay after earning an is approximately INR 3.91 LPA, according to PayScale. However, many variables, including years of experience, location, skills, specializations, etc.

Does Online/Distance Learning have value in India?

Online/distance learning degrees are equally valid and recognized around the world, according to Indian law. Until, unless the distance degree is awarded by a university or college that has received government approval.