MA(Master of Arts)


MA or Magister Artium (it’s the Latin equivalent of Master of Arts) is a postgraduate course taught in most general universities in India. It offers a vast range of humanities and arts subjects, and in some universities, they teach social sciences under this course as well. It is the oldest postgraduate course around the world. Keep reading until the end if you are interested in learning more about MA Distance education India.

In most places and education systems, an MA qualifies as a minimum academic qualification to teach in schools and colleges. When a candidate achieves an M. degree, that makes him a ‘master’ of the specific subject he or she has chosen, and usually indicates that they have got enough expertise to start teaching the same topics.

Just like a BA degree, one can choose a full or part-time way or may prefer to go for MA Distance education. Many working executives start their career after successful completion of bachelor course and therefore opting for an MA Education in distance learning courses would be an ideal path for them to upgrade their qualification.

Typically, BA is the minimum qualification to join an MA course. However, that does not mean one from other streams can’t study M.A. For example, B.Sc. or B.Com, students are also allowed to take admission to a Master of Arts course. If you are keen, you can get a comprehensive list of the top MA Distance Education Colleges in India on our site.