Importance Of Distance Education During COVID-19

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Importance Of Distance Education During COVID-19

Today, entire world is held captive due to pandemic, which has led to a halt for important activities. But this shouldn’t stop people from acquiring educations.

So, at these times “distance learning “proves to be the most feasible solution as students can study while being safe and healthy.

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It is still not that late for choosing the perfect platform for distance learning, as you can escape the hectic schedule of colleges and side by side get adequate amount of time for preparation of your desired competitive exams. Usually, earlier in the rush of monotonous daily routine we were not able to get proper sense of our time but with ongoing pandemic the importance and need for distance learning has increased. It is the only vivid solution. Edutantra, offers you flexibility, you can learn while you work with your convenience. We support students with online study material, assignments and practice papers.