Online/Distance BCA Course: Know About Courses, Eligibility, Admissions, Fees, Salary Trends and Opportunities

BCA Courses (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

Program Duration : Minimum 3 Years & Maximum 6 Years
Eligibility : 10+2 Having Maths As One Of The Subject

 What is Distance Learning/Online BCA?

A 3-year undergraduate degree program called the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) focuses on the study of computer applications, such as computer programming, computer languages, database administration, networking, etc. The course curriculum includes topics including OS, DBMS, practical work, and more.

Students may join in an online distance BCA course if they have received their diploma from an accredited university or another school with equivalent status. The instruction helps people get the skills and information needed to successfully run a business. Due to the ability to properly comprehend operating systems, database management systems, web technology, software engineering, and languages like C++, C+, HTML, Java, CSS, etc., this is the most sought-after topic after high school or a related curriculum.

The online BCA program's objective is to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of computer software. Future system analysts, web designers, software developers, and other professionals are trained and educated in the BCA Course. In addition to several UG, PG, Diploma, and Certificate courses, many reputable institutions and colleges in India also provide online mode/distance BCA programmes that are based on merit and high school grade point averages.

 Why and who can choose a BCA after the 12th?

The student must have completed 10+2 schooling to enroll in a remote learning BCA programme. with Math being a mandatory subject and a minimum of 50% to 60%. Students are eligible to attempt for examination two times a year as per their availability.

  • Technical skills: Students who enroll in this course gain knowledge and abilities in management, organization, and communication in addition to computer and information technology.

  • Scope: Jobs for BCA graduates include web designer, system and network administrator, and software programmer.

  • Better Opportunities: Online BCA graduates were successful in landing jobs at top-tier MNCs and IT companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.

Top Universities for Online Distance Learning BCA and Offered Course, Fees, Admissions, and BCA Eligibility

In addition to Bachelor's and Master's degree courses, one of the top distance learning institutions, Edutantra, offer online degree,  diplomasadvanced diplomas, and postgraduate degrees. Edutantra recruits professors from public and private schools and institutions as well as business executives to help deliver students the best education possible through video lectures.

Promoting a professional culture among our service providers and exchanging knowledge and information to leverage technology to create learning communities are among Edutantra's primary duties. The goal of Edutantra is to serve as that vital link so that students can receive the outstanding education they desire.

Students can enroll in the Online BCA programme by following a simple Admission process to accelerate a successful corporate journey.

Top 10 Universities for Distance Learning BCA in India

There are many distance learning BCA colleges in India but we have shortlisted some of the best colleges for BCA distance learning along with BCA course fees below. You can choose your top colleges for bca nearby college to pursue your higher education.

University/College Name

 Average Fees (INR)

BCA course eligibility

Admission 2023

LPUDE Jalandhar


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


SRM Online


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Chandigarh University 


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


IGNOU New Delhi


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent

Online and Offline

ICFAI University 


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Bangalore University 


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent




10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Manipal University 


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Tamil Nadu Open University


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Jaipur National University


10+ 2 Graduate or Equivalent


Note – BCA online admission 2023 last date can be checked through the respective official site of colleges to enroll in 2023-2024 sessions. BCA apply online options are easily available for students on the college websites. Distance BCA Fees may vary as per the choice of the college. 

How to Choose Which Online BCA University is Best?

The ability to earn your BCA online has several benefits. It offers you adaptability, variety, specialization choices, a degree at a reasonable cost, and a degree with broad application. But when choosing the best online BCA programmes in India, accreditation is one of the most important factors to take into account. 

  • Sincerely acknowledge your passions and go-to topics. The theory goes that if we choose a career that we enjoy, it will grow into a passion and pave the way for a better future.

  • Before choosing a career option, think about your potential.

  • Make a list of all the courses and institutions you're thinking about, together with information on their amenities, fees, locations, and other features.

  • Consider the market demands for people with a certain degree as well as the employment possibilities for the chosen courses.

  • Consider the programme for online learning's growth and revenue.

  • Shortlist them frequently until you find the best candidate by using the aforementioned guidelines.

Nobody can give a perfect response to these questions because everyone has different goals and passions, and a profession should reflect those.

 Is it worth doing a BCA from Distance Learning? 

If flexibility and cost are more important to you than face-to-face encounters with classmates and instructors, an online or distance BCA may be advantageous. An online or distance BCA offers you a good return on your investment if you're a working professional wishing to get a reputable BCA degree through online education. 

Yes, your BCA degree is valid if you obtained it through distance learning from a university or college that has received approval from the UGC and DEB. A distance education BCA offers you a wide range of chances to explore, and it is just as advantageous as a typical BCA.

The most stable, well-known work profiles, highest-paying jobs, and variety of work environments are all characteristics of BCAs. They frequently occupy leadership positions, such as senior managers, team captains, managers, and executives. There are BCA curricula offered both on-campus and online. Working while taking online courses will lower your travel costs. Since BCA is an equal of a BTech programme, candidates can easily gain admission to MCA programmes. Based on direct admissions or merit selection, many universities provide BCA distance study.

 BCA VS B.Tech?

The BCA undergraduate degree primarily focuses on the field of information technology. Its scope includes computer programming and software development. Computer science, which teaches pupils about hardware, software, programming, and other related disciplines, is its cornerstone. The numerous computer-related content is highlighted.

Another technical undergraduate curriculum, BTech, has students take a wide choice of courses in engineering and technology-related fields. To let the students choose a specialization they are interested in, it offers a variety of possibilities, including mechanical, chemical, civil, biotechnology, etc. 

The BCA programme lasts three years, while the BTech programme lasts four.

 What are the Job Opportunities for Online BCA Students?

Given the current circumstances, it has become essential for both small and large businesses to expand to the greatest extent possible with the aid of BCA profile holders. Depending on their areas of specialization, online and distance BCA graduates can anticipate the greatest salaries and the fastest career advancement in occupations like system engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, software developer, and many more. 

Aspiring BCAs will receive assistance in securing job descriptions with high wages and varied work settings. BCA graduates are increasingly in demand in the rapidly growing IT industry. Candidates with a BCA from a distance can find fulfilling employment opportunities in both the public and commercial sectors.

 What is the Salary Trend for BCA Pursuers?

Professionals with a distance BCA degree often make between INR 2.5 lakh and INR 9 lakh annually. However, many variables, including years of experience, location, skills, specializations, etc., affect a BCA graduate's pay.

 Significance of Online BCA in Jobs

  • In comparison to a traditional degree, BCA distance learning or online education is cost-effective and can result in savings.

  • Distance learning or online education gives students the flexibility to attend classes whenever or wherever they'd like, according to their needs or level of comfort.

  • Working professionals and outsiders would benefit greatly from BCA Distance Education because there is no longer a requirement for frequent visits to the university and they can take BCA classes online.

 Advantages of MCA or MBA after BCA?

Pros of Pursuing MCA After BCA - Those who are interested in working with innovative companies abroad can participate in the MCA programme, which offers professional opportunities. The IT industry readily accepts MCA students with extensive expertise, which obligates many experts.

Pros of Pursuing MBA After BCA - MBA programmes train students in managerial functions by enhancing their organizational management abilities.

Candidates who want to fill leadership positions should enroll in the MBA programme, whilst those who prefer technical roles can enroll in the MCA programme.

 Which are the Top Hiring Firms For BCA

Top recruiting companies in this field are:

  1. Google

  2. Microsoft

  3. IBM

  4. Oracle

  5. Deloitte

  6. Infosys

  7. Cognizant

  8. TCS

  9. HCL

  10. Dell

  11. Wipro

  12. Tech Mahindra

  13. Accenture

  14. NIIT

  15. Salar

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What course to pursue after BCA?

Usually, Students prefer MCA after BCA. Apart from MCA, CISCO Certified Network Professional, Master in Computer Management, Master in Information Management, and Information Security Management is also available. 

Is a BCA degree enough to get a job?

If you have good programming skills, a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) degree may be enough to land you a job. The job market can be fiercely competitive, so it's vital to keep in mind that having additional skills or experience may help you stand out as a candidate to companies. BCA Graduates earn 3-7 lack per annum and the average salary may depend on their experience and capability. 

Is placement required by distance universities?

Many government recognized distance universities offer placement to students.

Can we do BCA After 12th commerce?

After earning your 12th-grade diploma from the Commerce stream, you can pursue a BCA degree. Based on the stream, the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) has not established any such requirements for the BCA programme. For this course, the candidate does not need a background in science.

Which university is best for an online BCA degree?

Apart from many well-known universities, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Subharti University is one of the best universities for BCA distance degrees. 

Is BCA Online valuable?

The advantages of an online BCA programme are numerous. Employment opportunities: A BCA degree can lead to a variety of jobs in the field of computer applications, such as database administrator, systems analyst, and software developer. According to the Act, online degree courses in India have the same value as a traditional degree.

Is online BCA worth it in India?

yes! It is worthwhile to do an online BCA in data analytics. This is why: Data analytics is a skill that is in demand, to start. Both large and small businesses are constantly looking for somebody who can assist them in making sense of their data.

Which top companies hire online BCA students?

  1. Dell

  2. Wipro

  3. Tech Mahindra

  4. Accenture

  5. NIIT

  6. Salar