Master of Science

M.Sc. (Dietetics and Food Service Management)

Program Duration : Minimum 2 years & Maximum 5 years
Eligibility : B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition or equivalent


A Master of Science is a degree program in the specialized science field. If you need to start your career as a geologist or researcher, you can learn the M.Sc. program. The duration of M.Sc.  program is two years and is designed to give essential scientific skills to the student. It offers the student lots of opportunities in a different field. 
This course is on different subjects like mechanics, genes, genomes, operational research, cell biology, and much more. The students who has completed the B.Sc can join the M.Sc. to take their career to the next level. By joining the M.Sc. program, you can gain knowledge and fulfill the important prerequisite to the Ph.D. study. 
M.Sc. candidates need to perform research and present a thesis for graduation. The university and college offer different kinds of M.Sc. programs. So you can choose the best course which suits your requirement. The student should have completed 12th in the science group to apply for the M.Sc. program. There is no age limitation to this course. 

M.Sc. courses 

Master of science is a postgraduate-level degree program. After completing the course, you can find lots of opportunities for a career. This program supports the upgradation of knowledge. You can learn about a certain topic and choose the best career path. M.Sc. program is available in different aspects like part-time, online, and full-time. You can choose the best institute to learn the M.Sc. program. After completing this degree program, there is a chance to learn higher education. Here are some higher education scopes, such as 


*Dietitians and Nutritionists
*Consultant/ Private practice
*Government-sponsored projects on health and nutrition
*Research Associates
*Hotel and Catering Industry

M.Sc. (Computer Application)

Program Duration : Minimum 2 years & Maximum 5 years
Eligibility : Graduation or equivalent


Master of Science in Computer Application provides a sound knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of computer applications. It is generally pursued by learners who want to learn different aspects of the IT industry (Development of software, programming, Computer Languages, Algorithms, Computational Analysis, Web Designing, etc.)

*Ph.D. and more 

Fees for M.Sc. programs in India

It is essential to check the cost of this degree program from different colleges before getting admission. The M.Sc. courses fee can differ between INR 43000 PA and INR 1 lakh. Some colleges provide scholarships to students that allow them to learn the degree program at a lower cost. You can check the facility, location, and rating of the university when applying for M.Sc.

Scope of doing M.Sc. 

The M.Sc. courses are an ideal option for a student who has finished theirs under graduation in science. The university provides the worldwide recognized certification to the student. The degree holder has many job opportunities in different sectors such as computing, healthcare, energy, public sector, technology, and others. You can get a higher salary with this degree. M.Sc. graduates pursue careers in a bank, private sector, HPCL, teaching, railways, government sector, and much more.