Master of Computer Applications

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Program Duration : Minimum 2 Years & Maximum 5 Years
Eligibility : Graduation with mathematics or equivalent.

Master in Computer Applications, usually known as MCA Course, is an advanced degree option for those who desire to pursue a career in the field of computer applications and information technology.

Enrolling in the three-year postgraduate, MCA programme will help students develop their technical skills. Students who have earned their graduation degree from an accredited university or an equivalent may pursue an Online Distance MCA. The training aids in the growth of the skills and information needed to successfully lead a business. Being able to fully understand operating systems, database management systems, web technology, software engineering, and languages like C++, C+, HTML, Java, CSS, etc. makes this the most sought-after subject following high school or a comparable curriculum.

The Online MCA programme aims to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge of computer software. Computer networks, operating systems, programming in Java, computer graphics & animation, and programming utilizing database management systems are all MCA electives. Aspiring software developers, system analysts, web designers, etc. are trained and educated by MCA Course.

Benefits of Enrolling in MCA after Graduation 

  • Better OpportunitiesOnline MCA graduates managed to get hired in world-best IT and MNCs such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
  • Job Satisfaction – In the era of growing rapidly, Distance MCA can expect a minimum of 5-7 lakh packages per year and job opportunities booming with 7.7% growth every year.
  • Improve SkillsOnline MCA Program develops proficiency in programming languages such as Python, C++, JAVA, Linux, and CSS that enhance technical skills and opportunities in various industries/sectors.
  • Easy Admissions and Priority – MCA is equivalent to an MTech course, the candidate can take Admission Is MCA easily after BCA. A long list of universities offers MCA distance learning based on direct admissions or merit selection.

MCA Specializations

To perform better in a specific industry, business, or environment, one can achieve expertise in a variety of disciplines thanks to the independence that an Online Distance MCA allows. This independence creates new opportunities and advances one's career in the corporate world. Following are a few of the highly sought-after specializations:

  1. Internet Technologies
  2. Animation
  3. Network Systems
  4. Programming Languages (C++, JAVA, etc.)
  5. Systems Analysis
  6. Music and Video Processing
  7. Management Information System (MIS)
  8. Accounting Application

Eligibility Criteria and Course fee for MCA Distance Education/ Online Learning

Students who have completed graduation from a recognized university or equivalent can pursue in Master in Computer Applications easily via Distance learning or Online learning.

MCAs are more prevalent and preferred than other professional degrees. Over than 100+ colleges that provide MCA full-time, distance learning, or online, students can select the best institution or university. MCA distance learning fees range from INR 70,000 to INR 2, 00,000 depending on the university's policies.

Abilities Required for Pursuing MCA

To successfully manage a project, the IT industry demands certain skills from applicants, such as the ability to manage and master different tasks and profiles. Required skills include strong programming skills, strong computer, and IT skills, the ability to develop practical aspects of applications, analytical thinking, strong database concepts, communication skills, the ability to work in teams, and self-motivation.

Why one should gather an MCA Degree

  • MCA Degree is primarily a software-oriented course with little or no exposure to hardware. Therefore, the job profile did not require physical strain and was intended only for technical skills.
  • As the IT sector expands, MCA course graduates can work in both the private and public sectors.
  • MCA courses focus on computer applications and the IT sector, leading to the accumulation of knowledge and expertise in IT-related areas.
  • MCA candidates can choose from a variety of options based on their interests such as Computer applications, data science, etc.

Best Course after MCA

  1. PHD
  2. MS
  3. MBA
  4. Hardware Engineering
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Web Design & Development

Employment Possibilities and Scope after MCA

IT and Computer applications become an integral part of any organization, public or private. MCA graduates can expect the highest income and quickest career progression in the jobs of Software Developer, System Analyst, Hardware Engineer, Data Scientist, Troubleshooter, Web Designer & Developer, Software Consultant, IT Architect, Cloud Architect, Entrepreneurship, Professor, Technical Writer and many more, depending on their areas of expertise. Aspiring MCAs will be assisted in obtaining job profiles with high salaries and diverse work cultures. There is a rising need for MCA graduates in the constantly expanding IT sector. Candidates with an MCA Degree have access to rewarding work options.

Benefits of MCA through Distance Learning/ Online Education

  • MCA Distance Education would be a game changer for working professionals and outsiders, as there is no need to visit the university regularly.
  • MCA Distance learning or Online Education is cost-effective and can save money as compared to a regular degree.
  • The students can enjoy safe and secure learning by enrolling in MCA Distance Education.
  • Online Education or Distance Education allows the freedom to learn or have classes as per the student's need or comfort from anywhere or at any time.

MCA Distance or Online Education Degree is acceptable?

The most important and asked question is whether the MCA Distance Course provides a Valid degree. Edutantra works to create a secure and fruitful environment for students since 1999 with a professional dedicated team. It is counted among the best distance education providers for MCA Distance Education is globally accepted. The tools and techniques are highly up-to-date and reconstructed from time to time which creates not only learners but leaders.