Master of Arts in Education

MA in Education | Master of Arts in Education

Program Duration : Minimum 3 years and Maximum 6 years
Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent


Master of Arts in Education is a two-year postgraduate programme that focuses on secondary and higher secondary school teaching. There are numerous career prospects available for this role's graduates. Primary School Teacher, High School Teacher, Head Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Social Worker, High School Principal.
The Master of Arts in Education is a two-year degree that is divided into four semesters and is developed according to NCTE requirements. The curriculum is made up of education components and pedagogy evaluation processes, which are followed by a school internship. Perspectives in education, pedagogic studies, and field involvement are three large connected curricular areas in the curriculum.
It also has field-based study units and projects built in, as well as theoretical contributions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Techno Skills, IT Skills, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Physical Education will all be covered in a particular structured curriculum. The programme enables students to engage in national and international educational concerns while also developing a conceptual mastery of the subject. It provides in-depth coverage of issues as well as extensive field participation with children, schools, and communities. The programme was established with the goal of imparting in-depth knowledge of teacher education and preparing high-quality future teachers to contribute to the nation's development.
One of the most successful educational programmes funded by the Government of India is distance education, commonly known as correspondence education. Students who are unable to pursue full-time education owing to a lack of financial means or personal issues can enrol in the programme, which offers a variety of courses and degrees. The remote education programme offers a variety of courses, including the Master of Arts in Education programme, which is one of the most popular.
It's worth noting that the subject-specific syllabus exists because students who want to teach must be able to transfer knowledge in their own educational sector, thus it's critical that they obtain a thorough understanding of their subjects.


Candidates who complete the Master of Arts in Education programme will have a wide range of job opportunities. Master of Arts in Education graduates can pursue professions in a variety of sectors, and we've included some of them here. Take a look at some of the most important and profitable job opportunities for a Bachelor of Arts in Education graduate.

* School Teachers
* Education Researcher
* Education Consultant
* Instructor
* Vice Principal
* Principal
* College Professor
* Content Writer