Bachelor of Library and Information Science

B.Lib | Bachelor of Library and Information Science

Program Duration : Minimum 3 years and Maximum 6 years
Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent


An Online/Distance Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B. Lib) is a degree intended specifically for individuals who want to flourish in the field of library and choose library management as a professional career. The training will assist you in the administration and maintenance of information through the use of technology. The Universities offers a bachelor's degree course in library and informaion science that lasts one year. One must have finished his or her graduation for this course. The course is meant to teach you skills in a practical setting and to help you understand how libraries work. After completing the course, students will have a variety of professional job opportunities. B. Lib is basically a one-year duration course pursued by students who wish to build their career in the field of library science. The candidate must complete his graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

B. Lib is a unique university curriculum that comprises of two semesters of theoretical and practical workshops on the management and organization of diverse library resources. Students will become acquainted with the library's numerous scientific resources. Students who appreciate reading and want to learn more about managing relevant books and resources can consider studying library science for a bachelor's degree. To equip students for better library management. To strengthen students' organizational and managerial abilities for future use in library management. To provide in-depth and complete knowledge of library and book management.


* Foundations of Library and Information Science
* Management of Libraries and Information Centres
* Knowledge Organization: Classification
* School Library and Media Centre
* Information Sources, Systems and Services
* Print, Electronic Sources & Literature in Humanities
* Knowledge Organization: Cataloguing
* Book Publishing
* Research and Technical Library and Information System
* Basics of Information and Communication Technology
* Public Library and Information System
* Print, Electronic Sources & Literature in Natural Sciences


The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc. for example the central government and state government universities have lesser fees as compared to deemed and private universities. In private universities, the student can have flexibility in classes and quick services.


Students pursuing a Bachelor of Library and Information Science B. Lib. degree have a variety of career options.

* Candidates who have completed a Bachelor of Library and Information Science B. Lib degree can also sit for civil service examinations.
* There are also many private offices that hire Bachelor of Library and Information Science B. Lib. students. Working at such companies might provide students with very nice pay.
* Students with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science B. Lib. degree may also pursue advanced study.
* Librarians are currently in high demand in both the public and private sectors. They can also work as research assistants for academics or in publishing businesses, where they will prepare bibliographies and catalogues. You can continue your education in this field. The increase in the number of schools and institutions opening in the country provides excellent opportunities for new professionals.


* Candidates after completion of the course can pursue a PG course such as Master of Library and Information Science (M. Lib.)
* The course can help the candidates to be Information architects or land jobs in government libraries.
* The candidates can also pursue to be a writer after completion of the degree.