M.Sc(Master of Science)


An M.Sc is a postgraduate course taught in almost all major universities. As it name suggests, Master in Science, it’s basically for those who want to continue their studies in science and technology field after successful completion of their bachelor programme. It’s a two years course in most cases; however, sometimes it can be of 3 years duration depending on the specific subject and university.

Since there are a significantly lower number of seats available, being able to get admission to an M.Sc course calls for a certain level of expertise in the specific subject. The competition is tough and therefore passing out a bachelor in science degree doesn’t automatically make one eligible for the same. Hence, there is a growing number of students who are leaning towards M.Sc distance education by which they can easily chase their dream of completing the top postgraduate degree in the science field.

Once one successfully achieves an M.Sc qualification, it opens the door to a wide range of career paths with lots of different options to choose from. Furthermore, if you want to do PhD in any science topic, an M.Sc is a prerequisite for the same. Although it’s hard to decide the ideal M.Sc distance education college in Delhi based on your needs, you can check our site to get an idea on the same and overall various M.Sc distance learning courses .