B.Sc(Bachelor of Science)


Bachelor of Science or B.Sc. is probably the most common undergraduate course among the students from the science background. Depending on one’s choice of specialisation, it can span from 3 to 5 years duration. However, in India, B.Sc. courses are of 3 years generally, while in some other countries it can go up to 5 years.

Typically B.Sc. is meant to be done as a full-time course since it consists of practical and lab classes where one needs to attend the institute physically. But there are many top universities that offer B.Sc distance learning where students can complete the theoretical lessons in correspondence mode but need to visit the institute for laboratory and other practical programmes. This feature got immensely popular among students and those who are working currently since they are now able to pursue a B.Sc Distance education course comfortably without compromising their other commitments.

Although it takes a great deal of research to know which institutes are best when it comes to B.Sc distance education, we compiled a list of the top B.Sc distance education colleges in Delhi here. It will help if you have a look at them before deciding which university will be ideal for enrolling into a B.Sc. course according to your preference.